Six one-minute videos over a period of six months—a great value for long-term video campaigns

Six videos in six months

Our Six Videos in Six Months video package lets you spread your video campaign over a period of six months, resulting in greater audience engagement and more meaningful returns.

Whether you’re starting a new series of videos or you already make use of video to promote your project, this package is a great way to start your own video campaign. Essentially, you’re hiring us to produce five high-caliber videos over a period of six months, and we’re throwing one in for free. Better yet, we’ll pro-rate the charges for each video so that you pay only after you’ve approved each final version. Perfect for increasing long-term audience engagement, our Six-in-Six video package will provide a strong boost to any promotional strategy.

Suggested uses for the Six-in-Six video package:

  • Long-term marketing campaigns
  • Advanced social media strategies
  • Coverage of multiple events
  • YouTube or Vimeo channels

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Popular add-ons for this package:

Extra six monthsWe'll extend the production period of your six videos to a full 12 months, giving you extra time to make the most of your videos.
Production stillsWe'll provide you with 10 curated and processed, professional-grade photos from each shoot day - perfect to share on social media and web sites, or with friends and colleagues.
InterviewsIf you want to add a human voice to your video, we can conduct interviews during the shoot and weave them together to tell a story.
NarrationWe can write copy for your video's narration, and hire a professional voiceover actor to be the voice of your project.
Advanced graphicsAnimated maps, graphic introductions, or brand-specific title cards: we'll help you develop your idea and offer a quote on the spot.
Social media exportsWant to publish your video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, Vine, etc.? We'll provide you with ready-made files for up to three social networks of your choice.*
*Please note that some networks (Twitter, Snapchat, Vine) have short time limits, and additional editing will be required to adapt your project.
Digital marketing supportNeed help packaging your new video and getting it in front of the right audience? We can provide a broad spectrum of marketing support, completely customized to fit your project. Examples include writing blog posts or press releases; editing copy or graphics on your website; or writing effective social media content.
Additional shootingFor shoots that take longer than the allotted time, we'll add additional full-service production at highly competitive rates.
Additional editingIf you want to re-work footage we've already shot, or create new versions to fit specific marketing needs, we'll provide the additional editing at highly competitive rates.
Additional crew memberIn most cases we can get the job done with one Pedaling Pictures do-it-all videographer, but it might save you time and money overall if we bring an additional crew member.
TravelIf your production takes place outside the Washington, DC metro area, let us know the details and we'll provide a quote for travel, per-diems, or any other applicable expenses.