Podgorica to Plav, Montenegro

After picking up our bikes from the awesome folks at Tempo Bikes in Podgorica, we headed towards Plav, a small mountain town in northern Montenegro.

Buses between Podgorica and Plav were too small to fit our bikes, so we had to take a larger bus to Andrijevica, fortunately just a smooth and scenic 20-km ride from Plav. We were treated to gorgeous mountain and river views the whole way, and friendly traffic that honks in greeting rather than scolding.

Upon arriving in Plav, we touched base with the office of Prokletije National Park and scheduled interviews for later today. We’ll talk to them about their work with the park, plans for the future, and the climate for eco-tourism in northern Montenegro and the tri-border region (Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania).

So far everything’s off to a great start. For now, we’ll get back to our burek!

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