Directed and produced a video sharing Walking Almaty’s origin story for social media and marketing.

Dennis Keen hails from California but now happily resides in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Most days he walks the streets of his adopted home, searching for treasure hidden in plain sight—gems that locals take for granted and visitors will never see.

Through his online project, “Walking Almaty,” Dennis catalogues and displays seemingly mundane details that make up everyday street scenes in Almaty. You’ll find everything from municipal bus stops to children’s graffiti, from Soviet sedans to DIY drainpipes. While harboring an enthusiastic and participatory following, the site generates its share of controversy for generally overlooking the more polished, metropolitan corridors of the Central Asian city.

Methodically precise, often hilarious, and ultimately moving in its reverence for ordinary life, “Walking Almaty” offers a unique glimpse into the foundations of the urban environment.

See for yourself here: