Produced a video for the non-profit foundation Empower Blind People about their tandem-biking event with Svetofor Internet Store.

In Summer of 2015, Svetofor Internet Store joined Empower Blind People and the Braille Literacy Project for the third recorded tandem-biking event of its kind.

Each blind person in the group paired with a sighted “captain,” and they navigated the pathways of Bishkek’s Victory Park together. The event was lots of fun for everybody, but it was also an integral part of a program to help blind people in Central Asia achieve greater independence. Tandem biking allows blind people to experience the freedom of mobility, while relying on teamwork to keep the bikes moving.

Some blind participants had cycled before, but were glad to be back on two wheels. Others mounted a bike for the first time. According to Azat Toktombaev, a first-time rider, “words cannot describe the feeling.”