Submission to the 2015 Eco-Comedy Video Competition.

Environmentalists tend to be too serious. Sure, there’s a lot of be serious about, but humor has it’s place, too.

We had just moved to Kyrgyzstan (literally like a week ago) when a friend told us about this eco-comedy competition and encouraged us to submit a video. What better way to get to know our new home than ask random vendors at the market to take photos with their humongous cabbages and stage a fake protest in front of the local power plant? So….

In this episode of Trendy Kyrgyzstan (where we tell you about everything trendy…in Kyrgyzstan) Stephanie recalls a disturbing fashion trend that led her to fight for clean air in the city of Bishkek.

Our characters (Stephanie and Joey Baby) were based on another eco-comedy we made (also just for fun) for an event at Stephanie’s school in drought-parched Central California a while back. You might wanna check it out to get the whole story:

Anything Is Possible When You Conserve Water is a Comical Co-Production of MIIS Films, the International Environmental Policy Department, and Stephanie’s Husband. Featuring Burton Julius As “Sexy Guy.”

P.S. Stephanie is REALLY embarrassed to have these on our website. She also apologizes to everyone from New Jersey for her horrible impression of their accent.