Produced a video highlighting Public Foundation CAMP Alatoo’s activities focusing on sustainable pasture management of Kyrgyzstan’s high-mountain pastures.

Pastures are the most vital natural resource for Kyrgyzstan. The country is over 90% mountains and agriculture is only possible on about 5-7% of the land; about 80% of this agricultural land is classified as pastures. Moreover, about 64% of Kyrgyzstan’s population relies on livestock for their primary source of income, and pastures are the basis for livestock breeding. Proper management of pastures is a big concern for the country.

CAMP Alatoo’s Sustainable Pasture Management project is part of a national climate initiative. The goal of the initiative is to improve the living conditions of the rural population through participatory and sustainable management of pasture resources, as well as ameliorate the effects of erosion and pasture degradation. This video highlights CAMP’s activities to conserve and protect natural resources in the country’s unique walnut-forest region.